MS Rep. Andy Gipson speaks out about open carry lawsuit

Rep. Andy GipsonMississippi Representative Andy Gipson is the author and sponsor of House Bill 2. Rep. Gipson represents District 77, Simpson, Smith, and Rankin Counties, in the Mississippi Legislature. He served as Chairman of the House Judiciary B Committee, as well as a member of the Rules, Ways and Means, Elections, Legislative Reapportionment, Banking and Insurance Committees. In addition, he serves as Treasurer for the House Republican Conference and for the Mississippi Legislative Conservative Coalition.

Representative Gipson has proven himself many times to be one of the “good guys”. He knows and understands what freedom and liberty is about.

Below is a reprint of Rep. Gipson’s statement about HB 2 and the recent lawsuit filed to prevent it from become part of MS law.

STATEMENT to ALL of you from Ms.State Representative Andy Gipson, AUTHOR of Ms. HB2 Bill.

“Greetings from Rep. Andy Gipson, House District 77. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and Section 12 of our State Constitution guarantee to our people the unquestioned right to keep and bear arms. In Mississippi, it is either a right as is the case in over 30 other States, or it is not. It cannot be both a right and a crime. I took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution and am honored to defend our constitutional rights to defend ourselves. Even today some brazenly seek to deny this right as evidenced by the frivolous lawsuit filed Friday in Jackson. But the recent debate in Mississippi only reveals a clear divide between those who truly believe and uphold the Second Amendment, and those who give only lip service to the principles of the Constitution. House Bill 2 simply reflects what our Constitution already guarantees, and liberals have shown they cannot stand it. But like it or not, neither our Constitution nor the Bill of Rights have changed. They stand even today as a witness to the freedoms we have as Americans. May God bless you and be safe.”


I recommend you go to his website and learn a little about Rep. Gipson. Also follow him on facebook and let him know you support him and will stand behind his efforts as he defends our rights.

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  1. The way to solve this once and for all is to strike the phrase “but the legislature may regulate or forbid the carrying of concealed weapons” from the state constitution. You have a right to privacy with your religious practices, your political speech and your right to assemble peaceably, why should this constitutionally enumerated right be any different?

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