MS Attorney General Jim Hood says Judge Kidd’s injunction only applies in his county

Mississippi AGThe remarks of Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood about Judge Kidd’s injunction are spreading around the state today.  In an interview AG Hood said, “I do not believe that the injunction would prevent someone outside Hinds County, who was openly carrying a weapon, from using the statute as a defense,” Hood said in a statement. “In other words, the judge’s decision would only prevent Hinds County residents from availing themselves of the defenses contained in the new law.”

Hood explained that technically a judge’s ruling only applies in his or her district. “However, in such a case where the Court has enjoined the state from enforcing a statute, the state is prevented from enforcing the statute statewide,” he said. “In this particular case, the statute is not an enforcement statute. It is simply a statute that clarified when a weapon is considered to be concealed under our criminal law.”


Read more: AG: Gun ruling doesn’t apply statewide | Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.


  1. One of the rare times I agree with A democrat.This is one time Mr.Hood got it right.
    I once called for him to be tarred and feathered.ok,hold the tar.

  2. It WAS the right ruling AND the people of Hinds county should be in an uproar with this Judge and have him removed from the bench it is quite clear he is not fit to serve when he clearly does not know our State Constitution.

  3. I’m glad that it’s only effecting Hinds county, in which I do not live, but it is still a shame that it’s not considered unconstitutional and thrown out.
    Also, I saw that went the bill originally went through everyone, for the most part, was on-board. Even Judge Kidd and then later he said he didn’t understand what it really entailed. My point is, why are these elected officials casting votes on bills they don’t understand in the first place. They have plenty of time and resources to get an understanding before a vote is to be made. As a public servant that should be a very simple task.

  4. Luke,you must 1st block the bill before you can understand whats in it,beyond the fog rofl

  5. They will be dragging you into the kill room with the guillotine soon WAKE UP>

  6. Be careful before praising Hood. Very likely he is sending message to other judges to follow the lead of Kidd. Hood has proven in the past he cannot be trusted.

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