Sample Letter to Business Owner with “NO GUN” Sign

No Weapons AllowedBelow is a copy of a letter that I sent to the owner of a local restaurant chain after the owner posted a “NO GUNS OR WEAPONS” sign on the door. Notice the structure of the letter. I did not mention constitutional rights or the Second Amendment. I also did not challenge the owner’s right to make the rules on his own property. The focus is on the fact that the NO GUNS sign is an open invitation to violent criminals looking for an easy target therefore making his restaurant a dangerous place to eat. I have sent modified versions of this letter to other businesses including privately owned grocery and convenience stores.



Mr. **********:

As a regular ********  customer I was upset and disturbed when I went to lunch at the  ********  location the other day and found a “NO GUNS” sign on the door announcing to the World that *********  is a soft target. That sign tells any potential mass murderer or armed robber that he will not encounter any armed resistance there from the law abiding public. At the time I was not carrying a side arm though I legally could, the point is that the bad guys don’t need to know that!

Every incident of a mass shooting that has happened over the last four decades, with only one single exception, have happened in gun free zones. In fact James Holmes who shot up the Aurora Colorado movie theater last year drove a number of miles passing up several other theaters on the way to the one theater that had a sign prohibiting personal weapons. Did he pass up the larger, closer theaters in order to find one where he could inflict the maximum amount of carnage without the risk of being stopped by someone in the crowd with a pistol?

In a more likely scenario, anyone contemplating armed robbery will not be deterred by a misdemeanor trespass charge which is all that carrying that a pistol into a posted business amounts to in Mississippi. A potential $100 fine will not stop someone determined to commit a crime that carries a ten year prison sentence. The fact that he might be shot dead by a customer will. Thieves are lazy by nature and will choose an easy target. If the competition down the road does not have a “NO GUNS” signs and your restaurant does, which store do you think an armed robber will chose? The one where the public is not allowed to be armed or the one where someone might be? That sign puts everyone at risk.

I doubt you would feel comfortable sleeping at night if your home had a sign posted out front boldly proclaiming it to be a gun free home. I feel the same way about eating in a place that advertises itself as an easy target for terrorists, armed robbers or madmen who wish to carry out a mass shooting. As much as I like eating at your restaurant, I must take my business somewhere safer where the bad people don’t know who might be armed.




  1. These signs will eventually come down because in practice they deter both gun carrying and non-gun carrying customers from going there. In some cases, gun owners should target sign posting establishments for protests – picket lines outside the store front on the sidewalk or public right of way along the street.

  2. Great letter, but some people have short attention spans so I’d just send the first and last paragraphs.

  3. well done. i applaud you.

  4. Starbucks here in ***** really could care less if we carry. These are trying times, and safety is key. That is a great letter.

  5. Very nicely put and it’s also sad that the “sign” he has is worthless and he could not prosecute because it does not comply with the Texas Penal Code – Section 30.06 requirement for the signage. Personally, I won’t shop anywhere I can’t go armed but, I would gladly shoot someone committing a crime against that same shop if I had to.

  6. That’s a good letter, and I also would feel uncomfortable sleeping in a house with a no guns sign on the lawn, and I always feel uncomfortable in GUN FREE ZONES. I have had deranged, angry, or otherwise dangerous persons point guns at me, and threaten my life, and try to avoid such stress. I believe carrying a gun is the only viable option to protect myself in such times as these. Cops are far too heavy to carry, and it just looks silly.

  7. D J Smith Jr. says:

    I really feel sorry for those that feel safer in establishments that utilize the No Guns signage, and I really, really hope that they or there loved ones do not get hurt or worse due to their decision.
    I know one thing for a fact, there are many who carry concealed who will not honor those signs if they have to go into one of these establishments, therefor the “sheeple” will still be protected in some situations, just sayin’…

  8. Very nicely done. Just FYI , this sign could legally be ignored in Texas per Section 30.06 of the Texas Penal Code.

  9. Good letter. I can say more, but why. I hope they don’t find out the hard way.

  10. Well written and thought provoking

  11. Hey Sluggo, I see you’re man enough to state your opinions on here but do not have the scrotes to sign your real name. This way the owner of the business knows exactly which customer you are, so that you two could come to some agreement. As it stands your statement reads as though it were authored by a bloviating pearl-clutcher.

    Sincerely, Heather

  12. Hey Heather Moore, your a canadian so your thoughts on the matter don’t count!

  13. Jim Coker: I’ve had to deal with ignorant cops before too.

  14. Well said. I have met with and talked with management at a few local places here where I live concerning their no guns policy. Even though I was actually able to get them to understand (I think) why this policy was an open invitation to mayhem, they still continue to display the signs. Its a shame. But the letter above drives the point home clearly and concisely.

  15. Choose one of these establishments and form a picket line outside their establishment.

  16. “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” Thomas Jefferson

  17. I live n north ms and I went . a store the other day. they had a no firearms sign. but his said unless u have a permit from the dept of public saftey. this is the answer to no guns in this establisment for law abiding citizens.

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