2014, Mississippi’s Year of the Gun

BY DANA CRISWELL – February 1, 2014

Last week Memphis News Channel Fox 13 called Mississippi’s 2014 Legislative session the Year of the Gun Bills.  Tom Dees reported that 19 gun bills had been submitted for consideration between the Senate and House.  As of today there are 30 gun related bills being considered by the Mississippi Legislature.

Below is the report from Fox 13 Memphis.

My Fox Memphis Mississippi’s Year of the Gun Bill

Here is the list of all the gun related bills.

House Bills

House Bill Bill Status (glossary of terms) Description (click description to read bill)
HB-10 Referred To Military Affairs;Judiciary B Required weapons training course for enhanced carry permit; exempt servicemen.
HB-64 Referred to Education School property; authorize district superintendents to select certain employees to carry concealed weapons on campus.
HB-139 Referred To Judiciary A Gun buy-back programs; prohibit.
HB-160 Referred To Judiciary B HB 160 – LEO Background Checks
HB-179 Referred To Judiciary A HB 179-Amend Castle Doctrine
HB-231 Referred To Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks;Judiciary B HB 231 – Ammo Registration
HB-314 Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub HB 314 – Government Can Not Interfere w/possession of firearms
HB-467 Referred To Judiciary B  HB 467 – Firearms Protection Act
HB-485 Title Suff Do Pass HB 485 – Gun buy-back programs; prohibit
HB-507 Judiciary B HB 507 – Concealed weapon permit; provide exception for firearm-related businesses.
HB-667 Judiciary B HB 667 – Firearms; authorize to be carried at highway welcome centers and rest areas
HB-691 Judiciary B HB 691 – Concealed weapon license; provide certain exceptions for applicants aged 65 or older
HB-698 Judiciary B HB 698 – Concealed weapons; allow retired military law enforcement personnel to carry.
HB-700 Judiciary B HB 700 – Concealed carry permit; revise fees
HB-705 Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub HB 705 – Firearms; restrict power of confiscation.
HB-764 Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub HB 764 – Exempt Veterans from Concealed Carry permit fee
HB-890 Judiciary B HB 890 – Restrictions upon local regulation of firearms or ammunition; revise exceptions.
HB-897 Referred To Judiciary B;Ways and Means HB 890 – Knives; prohibit certain regulation and taxing of
HB-899 Judiciary A HB-899 – Concealed carry permit fees; lower.
HB-943 Judiciary B HB 943 – Concealed weapons; exempt honorably retired military personnel from license and renewal fees.
HB-1021 Judiciary A HB-1021 exempt retired LEO from Concealed Carry Permit Law
HB-1228 Judiciary B HB 1228 – Weapons; clarify prohibitions.
HB-1404 Referred To Ways and Means HB 1404 – Sales tax; exempt sales of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies during Second Amendment Weekend holiday

Senate Bills

Senate Bill Bill Status Description
 SB-2425  Referred To Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks;Finance  Sales tax; exempt sales of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies during Mississippi Second Amendment Weekend
SB-2465 Judiciary B SB 2465 – Firearms; prohibit state cooperation with federal effort to ban.
SB-2478 DR – TSDP: WI To AC
SB 2478 – Concealed weapons law; decrease certain fees for licensees.
SB-2657 Judiciary B SB 2657 – Gun trust; authorize creation of.
 SB-2798  Referred To Judiciary, Division A  Firearms and ammunition; preempt local regulation of.
SB-2831 Judiciary B Sb 2831 – Taking; prohibit state cooperation with federal effort to ban firearms or seize property.


  1. Congratulations, Dana, for such an excellent job representing the 2nd Amendment in Mississippi and on that broadcast!. So proud to be on your team!

  2. Rep Scott should be shown the door. Give him a copy of HB231 on his way out the door.

  3. Well, now. Most of these proposed Bills make me proud to be a citizen of the fine State of Mississippi.

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