Connecticut Cop to Gun Owner, “I cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in.”

BY DANA CRISWELL – March 8, 2014

If you don’t think our government will find cops willing to kick down your door and take your guns, listen to John Cinque.  Mr. Cinque is the retired firefighter who stood up to the State of Connecticut and refused to comply with the unconstitutional gun registration and confiscation.  Watch his confrontation at a town hall meeting by Clicking Here.

In this video he tells Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti, about his initial confrontation with State Rep. David Yaccarino and a later threat by a Branford police officer.

Connecticut gun owners need our help.

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  1. Bob Simpson says:

    The US Constitution means nothing to these people. They will use cops, Homeland Security, FBI, US Marshals, or the US Marines to enforce their evil agenda. The Connecticut cancer must be stopped or it WILL spread.

  2. Better be wearing level III or better. Glad I don’t live in CT or other tyrant run states.

  3. Bob Simpson says:


    March 8, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    Better be wearing level III or better. Glad I don’t live in CT or other tyrant run states.

    If you are a “gunny”, you have my respect. However, you should have learned from the corps that you cannot compete with military and law enforcement weaponry. BUT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO and that’s the problem.

  4. Roger V. Tranfaglia says:

    Any damn fool who to kicks my door in is going to get one nasty surprise. Now if the damn fool is LE they damn well better knock first and hand me a warrent! AND NOT AT 3 AM……….

  5. Bob Simpson says:

    It would be good for all of us if the LEO’s would watch Andy Griffith episodes instead of Rambo. I’m afraid the current police state is a reflection of our society. This is why the constitution was put in place.

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  7. His name has been found and confirmed. His exchange with John Cinque was via a Facebook posting discussed here:

    [this post was edited by Mississippi Gun News]

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